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Davison Era: Companions of the Fifth Doctor

Fifth Doctor Fans!

Companions of the Fifth Doctor
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Anybody , Moderated
This community is for those of us who enjoy the Peter Davison era of Doctor Who. Both fic and discussion are welcome here. Fic of any ratings, slash, or shipper fic is also welcome so long as it has appropriate headers (that way, if you don't like the content, you can just not read it). Fic longer than drabble length needs to please be posted behind an LJ Cut. Fic and discussion need to be based on The Fifth Doctor and or the companions from his era (and to a lesser extent Peter and the companion actors). There will be NO ACTOR FIC. Crossovers are fine so long as Five and/or his companions play a large part. Please, no character bashing. (I know, but try.) Icon posts also welcome.

This comms posts are organized by topic in the Memories section of the comm (rather than the tags section). Please use Memories to navigate for older posts.

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