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Beta needed

Hello all,
I am in the middle of a Five fic and was wondering if anyone could act as beta? The story is set in Celtic Briton where Bad Things are happening. It is a sort of spookyish tale. Warning the main character is Adric.
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Two Fics - Nyssa & Tegan

Newbie comes bearing fic, hi :)

Title: A Few Bad Dreams
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Pairings: Tegan Jovanka/Nyssa of Traken (friendship but hint-y)
Summary: After the Mara, Tegan has trouble sleeping.
Word count: ~4200
Author's notes: Post Snakedance.

A Few Bad Dreams: At my journal and AO3.

Title: My Hand in Yours
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Tegan Jovanka/Nyssa of Traken
Summary: Five times Nyssa and Tegan hold hands, and one time they let go.
Word count: 1200
Author's notes: References to Black Orchid and Terminus (which I mention for the benefit of anyone like me who has only recently discovered the joy of Classic Who and wants to avoid spoilers).

My Hand in Yours: At my journal and AO3.

Fic: Star-Crossed


Summary: When he was dying, the Tenth Doctor revisited all his old companions. But there was one he could never visit...and two to whom he could never say goodbye.
Genre: drama, tragedy
Characters: The Doctor (5, 10, future), Donna, Tegan, Adric
Pairings: Ten/Donna, Five/Tegan
Warnings: set during and after "The End Of Time"

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