sevanatwonights (sevanatwonights) wrote in davison_era,

As You Walk on By

Prior to ending up in the predicament they did during the Crimson Horror plague in Yorkshire, the Doctor tells Clara about a certain companion of his and briefly reminiscences about her.

BBC Owns Doctor Who (even te classic bits).
Simple Minds performs As You Walk On By which is featured in the movie: 'The Breakfast Club'.

This is a Fanvid. Don't sue.

Yes, I do ship Five/Tegan.
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Um the song is actually called (Don't You) Forget About Me. It took me a moment to realize the song you meant. Lovely vid!
Yes, I know. I'm just being silly. I've always disagreed with the writers about what the song should be called. So i call it what I want and they call it what they want. :P
Ah. OK. DIdn't mean to step on toes. I'm a bit of a stickler with stuff like that.
No worries :D