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I've been on a sort of Davison binge recently. And I've officially put Five onto the pedestal labeled "MY DOCTOR". Stayed up way too late scrolling through the *bleep* yeah Peter Davison tumblr.

I've always been a tad hair obsessed. Helps that Ten had the most scrumptious hair out there. But our Fivey is no slouch in that department. So I have made a picspam. A rather long one at that. It was for SKIENCE! I REGRET NOTHING!

Here we have him in Castrovalva. Tear your eyes away from his delightfully confused state and observe the locks. So light, fluffy. Disordered hair to match a disordered mind. Simply delicious.

And another, in colour! Stop mid-swoon over the specs and check out the wonderful feathering across the noble brow.

Four to Doomsday had far too much helmet time. I guess the power of Teh Hair was too much at the beginning and they needed to give everyone a chance to adjust. Cut's a bit short but the potential for greatness lurked. Even if the makeup peeps tended to curl it overmuch.
Four to Doomsday

Now for Kinda. Cease your lolling over his derp face and bask in the flyaway goldenness. (side note: how awesome is Todd? I wish she'd been the companion. If only Adric had stayed with Hindel)

Man how I love The Visitation. The BBC always gives good period drama and how I wish Richard Mace had joined the TARDIS. And! It had fabulously delish hair. Don't you just want to ruffle it? It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

Black Orchid. Sigh. You were such crack. But necessary for all fangirls. Five's hair reflected the quietude of the story with its tameness and just a bit of yummy feathering. (Hello there dressing gown. How did you sneak in?)
Black Orchid dressing gown

Try not to let the cuteness of this pic distract you from the windblown-ness of the hair. (ahh, cuteness taking over, must snuggle!) Ahem, I like the feel of him having been out dancing and just stopped for a quick snap.
Black Orchid

Earthshock. Look at that hair glowing! "Look at me. I'm so Golden and so Pretteh!" Taunting me with its well combed neatness. I must ruffle!

I have to admit, I cannot get through Time-Flight, it is just too dumb (Seriously, what is with the Master's disguise?). And Fivey agrees with me. But above that disbelieving face is some great hair. He's letting it get long. In his grief over Adric, he forgot to get to his favourite salon.

The real reason Omega targeted the Doctor in Arc of Infinity, he just had a serious case of hair envy. Exhibit 1: Look at the mid-swish beauty!
Arc of Infinity
Exhibit 2: no picture of rice crispie face but we all noticed that the Hair was unaffected by the breakdown! The Hair is inviolable! If Omega had been able to clone himself out of the Hair, he'd have been able to go ANYWHERE!

The Curling Iron struck again in Snakedance but mmm, still looking fine there. I really like the feathering on his left side. And it looks like a nice tan

This shot is delish, look how unruly his hair is getting. All those untrimmed lengths. So untamed...

Mawdryn Undead is so great. It has the BRIG and by Jove! the Hair is in fine form. Nearly perfect length, golden and shiny.
Mawdryn Undead Brig

This picture is just for the hair! It has nothing to do with the casual lounging upon the scenery. (so fabulous)
Mawdryn Undead Fabulous

Terminus may go on forever but that just gives us more time to look at his new hair cut.

Enlightenment is very illuminating. Look at those flowing locks.

Mmmm, leaning and flowing...
Enlightenment Lean

King's Demons was low on logic but high on dreaminess. HE SWORDFIGHTS whilst keeping his hair Fab.U.Lous. I bring you a gif of the hair swish!

The Master is saying "Look at that HAIR!"
Kings Demons

Five Doctors has so much delicious fainty Five. His hair is getting longer again. Shaggy and untrimmed.
Five Doctors
Five Doctors
Five Doctors

Warriors of the Deep. I confess a deep fondness for this serial. I can't imagine why...
Warriors of the Deep

This pic always stops me dead in my tracks. ..... Got me again you! Putting aside the absolutely great intensity ... ... Look at the hair, it's not as blond as before but it gives a bit more depth to the strands. Plus the cut is framing his face just right and covering just enough of his ears.
Warriors of the Deep

The only benefit of that fugly suit is the fact that it gave Five the tousled hair.
Warriors of the Deep

Look how happy he is! And he should be, his hair still looks fabulous!
Warriors of the Deep

Ooh Frontios you gave us so many good things! Brainy specs! Coat off! Turlough/hatrack! And look at that golden fluffiness!

Resurrection is so bleak. Thankfully Five's hair is still looking good. Love the feathering but looks a bit heavy in the back.
Resurrection of the Daleks

Planet of shorts Fire was also a giving serial. BRACES! FOREARMS! SHIRTSLEEVES! And the HAIR was nice and light with all that sun!
Planet of Fire

Caves of Androzani is the best serial of all time. Of course the Hair played a part in the perfection

His hair really reflects the mood, the staggering hero who is scrambling through hell to save Peri

Hair Flick
Simply Dreamy

Y HALO THAR FOXY SIX! HOW DID YOU GET THERE?! If this is how Six had dressed all the time, I'd have kept watching.
Six Black Suit
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