September 12th, 2010

Trust your feelings.

RP pimpage... Delete if not allowed...

Decided to post this here as we are in need of a Peri Brown and Nyssa of Traken! If you want to join and not be one of them, that's fine too. =)

Game: A Doctor Who Crack RP time_and_crack
Brief description: As we've come to know, there is a time-space rift mysteriously pulling the Doctors and people they've been associated with onto a planet called Ophara. Sometimes they show up on their own free will, too. Hilarity often ensues. The premise is explained in full if you visit our profile page, listed in the next bullet point.
Useful links: Info/rules/etc. - Taken characters - Application
Characters you'd really love to see there: We need more Classic Series characters, but really, anyone we don't have already would be fantastic!
Open Characters: Doctors One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight, Polly Wright, Steven Taylor, Peri Brown, Romana I, Nyssa, The Rani, Delgado!Master, Susan Foreman, Fitz Kiener, Mickey Smith, Sgt John Benton, The Editor, Wilf Mott, and MANY MORE! (If there's a character you don't see on the list that you want apply anyway!)
Why it's so great: It is silly sometimes, serious sometimes, and a chance to take established characters out of their element.
Anything else you can think of to add: Who doesn't love crack?! It's loads of fun and we're always open to new ideas, plots, and whatever anyone can think up. I have to warn, though, it is an NC-17 game and you must be 18 or older to apply, as sexual scenarios sometimes occur. It is slash/het/everything friendly - but you are not required to make your characters do anything that you don't want to, of course.

If there is anything else you'd like to know, or if I have missed something, feel free to ask! I'd be more than happy to elaborate on the topic. We're always looking for new players and we would be delighted to have you.
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