December 4th, 2006

pd wotd

ok, sortof an almost meme

Inspired by a quickly edited post by teh_nos...

How would you do the Davison era (or indeed any) episodes in the 'i'm in ur ___ ___ing ur ____' format?

Here's some boring examples:

Kinda: i'm in ur head playing board games
Castrovalva: i'm in ur tardis making it really hot
Castrovalva: i'm in ur mc escher painting pretending to be old
Mawdryn: i'm in ur school pretending to be a student
Visitation: i'm in ur house hiding in the basement
Planet of Fire: i'm in ur bikini pretending not to ogle my own tits
Frontios: i'm in ur planet trying to drive it
Snakedance: i'm in ur head, again.
Earthshock: i'm in ur freighter, crashin into ur planet
Caves: i'm in ur spectrox living forever
Four to Doomsday: i'm in ur recreational pretending to faint
Arc: i'm in ur matrix, stealin ur artron energy! (points to icon)

Make me laugh.
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