November 28th, 2006



van has been begging politely requesting Tegan/Turlough fic, and I was thinking about this last night while trying to fall asleep. I've read a bit (not a lot, but quite a bit) of Fifth Doctor fic, and whenever Tegan and Turlough are both in it, they are always at odds. While it's certainly true that they fought a lot during Turlough's early days in the TARDIS, by the end, things really seemed to have settled down between them. Granted, I haven't seen "Warriors of the Deep" in 15 years, and I'm basing this on Resurrection of the Daleks, The Five Doctors, and Frontios (which I have seen recently). But I was wondering if this is a correct assessment of their relationship, or am I completely insane?

And if this is a correct assessment of their relationship, why are they ALWAYS written at odds with each other? Even in fics where they get along, there is always that undercurrent of hostility.
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Fivey Fashion Parade

I've just been pondering cricket jumpers too much really, and thought Fivey needed a bit of a fashion parade. Which of his fairly similar two outfits do people prefer? And is it possible to really prefer one marginally different cricket jumper to another? Have I just thought about this too much?

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Anyway, I thought I would gather other people's opinions in an attempt to prove to myself that it's not just me who is this weird about stripes and cricket jumpers and such.