November 26th, 2006

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Audio recs?

I wasn't planning on buying any of the audios because of the expense but I got such a good deal on a huge lot of them that I now own around 80. Plus I bought an MP3 player yesterday just so I can listen to them.

My ancient computer doesn't have a USB port, but I can occasionally get access to one that does. So if I can figure out what I'm doing, I'll download approximately eight audios to my player on Monday. I'd like recommendations on which ones to start with. I'm doing one apiece of Six, Seven, and Eight (the first solo audios for each, I think: Whispers of Terror, The Fearmonger, and Storm Warning), and the fourth would be Sirens of Time (unless any of those are really dreadful and someone warns me in time--in that case, please suggest alternatives).

I'm estimating there will be space for four more. I think I have all of the Fifth Doctor audios except The Kingmaker and The Gathering. I really like Nyssa and Turlough, I like Peri pretty well, and I have a positive impression of Erimem from fanfic. Which four Fifth Doctor audios would be the best to try first? I'd like to do one each with Turlough, Nyssa, and Erimem & Peri, then the fourth can be whatever. Ideas? Anything I should actively avoid?
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(That's the Royal Society for the Promotion of Torture to Fivey...)

A fanvid I spent the early hours of this morning making since I was being kept awake by next door having a party anyway. I scoured many episodes to find only the best in Fivey falling over, being tortured, locked up and generally menaced by people. You can either view it from an "aww, poor Fivey..." viewpoint or the "yay, torture/bondage/fainting is so canon!" side of things. It works both ways!

Somebody Hates Fivey

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