November 13th, 2006


Secret angsty past of DOOM!

Hello all, this post is still continuing the Turlough-related NNWM theme! Now I've got a fair idea of Turlough's canon past; at least as much as they managed to squeeze into the poor boy's last story amongst all the penis!rocks and slashtasticness. There was some sort of war/revolution/something(?) and Junior Ensign Commander Turlough was exiled off to Brendon, which he hated, under the half-watchful eye of the ecentric Chancery Lane solicitor while his father and brother ended up on volcano-planet. He ends up going back to Trion where they don't look likely to exile him off anywhere soon. Would people agree with that, and is there anything I've missed?

But onto the more interesting bit: all the stuff they didn't mention. Now I've read one or two *cough* Turlough-related fics, some of which have explored his background, and everyone seems to have a different idea. Some see him as having actively fought in whatever the war-thing was and being lucky to be exiled only because of his relative youth. Others see him as genuinely being of schoolboy age and the Junior Ensign thing being more of an honorary title due to his family being politically powerful. And in quite a few his background is generally glossed over.

Now I generally favour the exile-by-sccident theory. He ended up in the military through family contacts/pressure and never actually got round to any fighting, but possibly was vicariously involved in something angsty and tragic which led to him being exiled rather than merely locked up. That's the route I plan to take in my fic. But I want to hear people's theories! What do you think the Ginger One was doing before he ended up nicking the Brig's car? Do you think he was a political prisoner or that he actually fought in the war? Do you think his cowardliness is real or a front? And most of all do you think the tie-fiddling relates to some sort of unconcious guilt for an event in his angsty tragic past, whatever it may be?

So to reduce the ramblingness to a single question: what do you think is Turlough's secret angsty past of DOOM?

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