November 12th, 2006

illya: little more sonic

Fic question: Five/Tegan

This is a bit odd, since I'm asking about fic that's not really my cup of tea, but I'm intrigued on a cultural/historical level:

Is there any fic where Tegan gets pregnant by the Doctor?

I ask because fic in which Rose gets pregnant is abundant, and still being written now, often - to my eyes at least - by people anxious about the departure of their favourite companion and concerned to emphasise her significance to the Doctor as the only one of his companions he'd make timebabies with. It struck me as quite depressing that a strong female character might only be able to have status for that reason, but possibly I'm a bit kneejerky on the topic of Rose and her fanon reconstruction. Anyway, it led me to wonder if Tegan had ever got the same treatment - and of course to ponder the various whys and wherefores.

So, rec me up, or not, obviously, if there isn't anything to rec. Anyone have any general thoughts? Tegan/Five people, if you haven't written it, why not?

Huge-Big-Consolidated Icon-Love Post

I was doing some PC housekeeping and I discovered about three million icons and blanks I mostly forgot I had. Since I can only use 15 at a time (cheapskate student) I'm posting them all up to help spread the Fivey & PD icon-love, free to good homes.

Mostly Fivey-Tegan-Turlough, some of which have been posted up before way back in the day, and a few new Winterborne/Airzone ones too. In no particular order.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting = my new fave!

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