November 7th, 2006


NaNoWriMo Update

Just an update as to how the NaNo is going at the end of day six. Yayness - I'm through the 10k mark! Up to 10,180 words, which is about right for 1,667 a day. And Turlough *finally* fell in the damn water! I was beginning to regret that being the sole basis of any plot, it was taking so long to get there... But he's in, and now out and all semi-hypothermic and needing to be looked after, bless. I can see this heading towards fluff, fluff! Despite the fact that so far my Fivey has shown almost no interest in anyone or anything other than these weird singing glaciers I stupidly invented. They don't even sing yet - sigh. But there's nothing like one of your little reluctant angsty companions nearly dying of hypothermia to make you realise your feelings for them. And guilt for letting him fall in the water in the first place. Angst, woo!

So now the Doctor and Tegan are lugging Turlough across country back to the TARDIS while Nyssa unconvincingly needed to stay and keep an eye on the tests they were running on this stupid "empathic force generating" glacier. And yes I did mention how the carrying would be quite hard with Fivey being a good foot taller than mini!Tegan. But she is wearing heels! That helps! So yes, I shall now plot how to get Nyssa kinapped by as-yet-non-existent-bad-folk-with-undecided-motives-somehow-connected-to-singing-empathic-glaciers and what will happen back at TARDIS HQ on the warming Turlough up front. And if anything is to happen between Fivey and Turlough, since you all seemed to want him to get the ginger one out of those nasty wet clothes, then I'll still have to lose Tegan somewhere too... Maybe she can get lost in the TARDIS again trying to make a cup of tea to warm him up ...

Any more suggestions on where to go are very welcome!