November 3rd, 2006



Right, now that I've got your attention this actually *does* concern naked Turlough so do keep reading.

As suggested Turlough is going to end up falling into a freezing lake some time soon in my NaNoWriMo fic. Now of course we all know that when people are hypothermic you should get them somewhere warm and remove those nasty wet clothes. But who should be helping Turlough out here? Since writing one of those "if you choose to slay the dragon turn to page 42" books would hurt my brain, *YOU DECIDE!* Your options are either the Doctor or Tegan, since Nyssa is off doing something scientific. Or perhaps I'm just rubbish at writing her. Anyway - the choice is yours!

I make no promises about what happens after the removal of the wet clothes. Particularly if Tegan seems most popular, because writing Turlough/Tegan would probably make my brain leak out of my ears in confusion. But it could be an amusing section of the fic...

[I would have made a poll, but LJ hates me and was being awkward]