October 14th, 2006

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To cheer myself up today I'm being brave and sending in some artwork... god-help-me!
It was done as a thank you to warinbabylon ... who kindly made it possible to send here, ( she also showed me how to link it proper, but I'm buggered if I forgot... sorry Babs!) 
Anyways, it's a bit shippy ... but that's me ... and I don't think I got Tegan's boobs right , (never can) actually any hints or advice on the better placing of them would be most useful!  
Also,  tend not to copy from life, but use the old memory/ imagination ... so I've kinda made bits up or exaggerated.

Oh and it's much bigger than it first appears, so to get it at it's best, hit enlarge ... bottom right-hand side.


...sorry about the god-for-saken long link!



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