August 15th, 2006

Bear Necessities

The Queen's English

And the Pope is German. And I'm American, and I have a fic that's nearly complete that needs a Brit picking something horrid, as I felt compelled to use more British flavor than usual. I'm sure that repeated viewings of Monty Python, the Good Neighbors, Are You Being Served?, et al, are no substitute for actually living there. Or for that matter, epeated readings of the Lord Peter Wimsey stories. I have been putting the fic itself up on xmouth_on_legsx, and it is close to the end (I think.) I'd like to post it in other places when it is done, but I want someone to find and mock my horrible Americanisms. If someone would like to volunteer and would rather have it emailed to them, that's fine. It's a Tegan fic called 'Demon Lover', with the same setting as 'United We Fall', which I posted on In case you'd be squicked, let me warn you that it's NC-17, cos I'm a perv.

My pardon if this is too OT. I will delete it, bow my head, and slink away.