August 8th, 2006

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anyone want a little 5th doc fiction?

So i was dusting off some old  fanfic i wrote, 7 - 8 years ago. I've always been a diehard 5th doctor fan, so it is all 5th doc fiction i'd written.

And i spotted something I'd written because a Target novelisation of the episode Resurrection of the Daleks didnt exist for some bizarre reason.

All i did was document the duplication scene[s]. The way I'd want to read them in a novel. Not tne entire episode or the fluff going on around it, but just the brain-drain sequence itself.

Anyone wanna read it?
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pd wotd

Resurrection of the Daleks scene thingy

Title: Resurrection of the Daleks duplication scene
Author: JenL25
Pairing: none, just 5th Doctor
Rating:  same as the episode?
Spoilers: nowt that I know of
Summary: Well this is something I wrote 7 or 8 years ago, when i wanted desperately for there to be an Uncle Tewwy novelsation of the episode Resurrection of the Daleks, a fav of mine, not for its plot (!) or acting, but for a little fifth doc torture, I lub me some of that.

So i did it myself. As I'd want to see it written in a book.  I've cleaned it up today, fixed punctuation and most spelling errors [i hope] and fixed some of the english, now that I live in england and speak english english [for the most part, with a few yankisms thrown in for good measure]...

This is my first fic post to a comm on LJ, so please have mercy on me. Constructive criticism welcome.

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Have mercy on me, please ;) I think i goofed the tags up, sorry mods.

[Maccine, I nicked that icon, it is lub. I credited you, i hope thats ok. I really need to credit the appropriate people for all my icons, but i dont remember where i got them!]
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