July 18th, 2006


Progress So Far....

I would think at this point I wouldn't have made any progress on my Tegan outfit (or outfits, I know there are those of you who want me to do the outfit from "Resurrection of the Daleks", I'll see if I can get my behind to an outlet mall somewhere that has a Wilson's leather). I found a Lilac jacket yesterday (on sale for $20.00, how fab is THAT! Goddess love my mother, she agreed to buy it for me and didn't question why I needed it, though she was asking me what a "Lilac Blazer" was) which I nabbed and I won the skirt that I found on e-bay (which is going to cost me about $11 dollars and I need to pay for it when I get a chance to tonight) so all that is left for the "Purple Tegan" outfit as far as I know, all I pretty much need is the scarf (if I can find that scarf that I had in that mess that I call my room) and the shoes (apolgies to Miss Jovanka, I am NOT running about in teeny tiny heels, my ankle would just be killing me). Not going to bother with the hat. I would say all this is costing me is about $31.00 in total. I know it's a bit much to go spending for an outfit you may not wear other than to these cons, but at least it's not costing that much per se. I also realize that it's a year ahead of time, but it's my philosophy that you should grab it when you find it because you may never see it again (I'm also a bit obsessive-compulsive).

This was cross posted to xmouthonlegsx, yesterday and I forgot to repost here. Bwah!
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