July 11th, 2006

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An endeavor to bring a little more positive, Adric-centric fanfiction to the world.

I apologize for posting this here, but I'm hoping that even if the majority of you scoff, at least maybe one person will show some interest. I didn't see anything in the rules about not promoting ficathon here, so I'm posting. I'll delete or modify the post though, if needs be.

I'm hosting an Adric Ficathon.

I'm not expecting great results, but I hope you guys can surprise me! Really though, if this produces just one fic that otherwise might not have been produced, I'll consider it a success. There's a lot positive and not much negative to this attempt.

This is a very, very broad ficathon, as I don't want to do too many limitations that might otherwise make people not participate. All genres and ratings are welcome for this ficathon, as are all pairings, eras and crossovers and whatever else you like. All I ask is that the fic be Adric-centric, at least to some degree, and that he not be character bashed in the story itself.

Fics are due September 1st, 2006
(though may be posted early, if you finish early)

( A few more rules and details are behind the cut. :) )

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Fangirl In Need of Some Assistance

I'm going to post on both here and on xmouthonlegsx just in case I miss anyone. I'm going to a con next year and I have decided that I am going to dress up as Tegan. I know it's a year ahead of the con, but I figure as I find bits and pieces, I may as well get them when I see them (I saw a FABULOUS lilac skirt last night on e-bay and no, I don't think I'm going to pay an arm, a leg, and my firstborn for it). If I feel really ambitious, maybe I'll see if I can get together another outfit, maybe the one from "Resurrection of the Daleks". Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
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