July 9th, 2006


Request for assistance

Hey all,

I'm an idiotic, obsessed Whovian. I've finished my A levels, and I've got all summer to waste away. So, as if doing three essay-subjects wasn't enough, I've decided to write an essay about our dear Doctor. And I need some help.

I'm looking at how the Doctor's character was formed, by looking at his regenerations, enemies, companions and travels. I'm going to various comms and asking for various responses (so you may get this post more than once).

What I'd like to get from you guys is your responses and thoughts to the following:

The Doctor's regeneration into his youngest-looking body, and what this might mean.
Whether this regeneration was affected by the fact that all of his companions were young people.
The relationship between Tegan and the Doctor.
The death of Adric, and the impact that had on the Doctor.
The Doctor's adversarial relationships with the Cybermen and the Daleks, and the importance of his meeting with Davros.

And of course anything else you might want to talk about!

You can either comment to this post, or email me at morbid_sparks@hotmail.co.uk
The essay won't be done until the end of the summer, but when it is, it'll be posted all over the place, and anything I use from contributers will be credited.

Thanks in advance - and apologies for the slight off-topic-ness.


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FIC: The Wreck of the Trimethian Star (Jake 2.0 xover, PG-13)

I thought I would link to what I've posted of this so far. It's a crossover, but it does have plenty of the TARDIS crew in it and I'm told it makes sense if you've never seen an episode of Jake 2.0. There are three chapters up so far, and I'll post links here when I update on fanfiction.net.

TITLE: The Wreck of the Trimethian Star
AUTHOR: roseveare
SUMMARY: With new companion Jake Foley on board, the TARDIS responds to a centuries-old distress call. But how much of an advantage are nanites where alien technology is involved?
NOTES: Written for the Doctor Who Choose-Your-Own-Companion crossover ficathon - the 5th Doctor with Tegan, Nyssa & Adric, and Jake 2.0's Jake Foley.
WARNINGS: Crackfic. I make no promises to avoid the obvious in dialogue, plotting, fights, bad jokes, gratuitous mentions of Australian beer, and quite possibly teh sex. You have been warned.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.