July 4th, 2006



Should anyone be interested...

I've uploaded screencaps from The Caves of Androzani, and they can be found here.  I also capped the behind the scenes of the regeneration, in which there are a LOT of pics of Nicola, several of Colin Baker, and a slew of Peter lying on the floor.  Enjoy!
Not!Fandom: Autumn Bench
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Adric pictures

Not that I expect a very big interest, but I've bought a few vintage Doctor Who Magazines of late, for the purpose of obtaining some higher quality Adric pictures. And, anyway, I've uploaded the first set of pictures from issue #202 over on the Adric community earthshocked and thought I'd mention it here, too. Doctor's Four and Five appear in some of these scans, as do Nyssa and K9.

( Fake cut to nine Adric scans )
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