June 29th, 2006

BtVS- Giles you wrote that about me

Transcript help

Okay, so I accepted writing a Mara!Tegan/Five fic for Whofest. Which I was fortunate to get because I've had ideas about that for years (possibly decades at this point). So, actually buckling down to work on it, two things have happened. I've discovered that both the Nine and Ten muses are fiercely jealous of the Five muse (cause as I try to write this, I keep getting Ten story ideas and ways to continue my stalled Nine fics). And, that this Mara thing I'm writing has turned somewhat longer than I expected.

On to business. I could really use a transcript of Snakedance (Kinda would be helpful too, but Snakedance is central to what I'm writing) to work from. The VCR in the room with the computer has started eating tapes, which means I'm not risking my copy of Snakedance on it. I've got the old Target novelization which is helping somewhat, but I really need something a bit more handy to the way the episode, as broadcast, was structured.

Anyways, thanks for any help you can give :)
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