June 18th, 2006

Coward (RD)

The Doc- uh, Master.

Ooh, new layout, very nice!

Anyway, onto the reason for my post... I'm sure some of you have probably wondered whether the Master will make an appearance in the new series of Doctor Who (despite allegedly all of the Time Lords having been wiped out) and who would play him. Well, we know Tom Baker'd love to have a go at the job, but of course when my_llama_girl and I were discussing it we couldn't help imagining how Peter Davison would do as the Master. Afterwards I couldn't resist having a bit of a mess around with GIMP (which I'm still learning to use) and the result was this:
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Heh heh, I like it. I think he could be good as the Master (okay, so I think he'd be good as almost anything...). ^_^
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Announcing the Classificathon, the ficathon for all your Greco-Roman needs. :D It's multifandom, and the only requirement is that your request be in some way related to Greco-Roman themes (culture, mythology, language), and so far we have at least one person who'll write Five-era fic and has requested Five-era fic. We're being very lax about the rules - you can have Five take Turlough to see the siege of Syracuse, or just have Turlough bemoan having to learn Latin in school; as long as it is in any way classical, it counts.

Sign-ups end a week from today (June 24th), and assignments should be distributed by Wednesday. There's no word limit, maximum or minimum (we're hoping to get some poetry in there, too), and the fics aren't even due until August 15th. (This is my way of trying to bribe you all to sign up, by the way. Do you want brownies? I can do brownies. I'm very good at brownies. :D:D:D)

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Hi all,
Just to let you know I am setting up a very SMALL web site which archives fan fic for the PD era. Any story is permissable as long as it features Adric, or Turlough or the fifth Doctor. It's not really for het (unless the boys feature heavily too) but gen, slash and hurt comfort is welcome. I've only just set it up so there's not much there yet but hopefully soon I'll have some more authors. Obviiously i'll have my own stories up there. If you wanna have a look the url is:

If you want to send me your stories, please e-mail Elanorsmith85@hotmail.com
Feel free to tell others about this.