June 16th, 2006

i'm with stupid

Fivey doodle

Hey everybody, I posted this in 500year_diary the other day and it occurs to me now you all might appreciate it as well. Do you guys like fanart in here? I realize I don't know! If I'm stepping over boundaries here please let me know, I will rectify the situation immediately.

This is the evolution of a little doodle of Five, from sketch to its current form (which is yet unfinished)... kind of quick and rough, but oh well. Stripes are hard, and I am lazy!

Collapse )


I call it the Fifth Doctor Orgy Diagram.

[not all at the same time]

As you can see, I have an egalitarian approach to these issues. And so, keeping in mind these fluoro green lines of love, I beg ye of the varied ships: you're all right! can't we all just get along?