June 13th, 2006

Bear Necessities

The Thing About Tegan

I've often wondered what pushes me to write about Tegan, and now I think I have a gander. They did try to make her a more realistic companion and then found she often didn't fit well in the format. Now, recently, a lot of people have complained about issues raised by one episode being neglected in the next like we're supposed to have an 'emotional reset button'. I think there was a similar problem with Tegan, and I tend to think of things to write for her because I want to deal with these issues. Reading the fic behind this link gave me the clue:

Satan Pit Spoilers Fic Here
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Slightly Embarrassing Beta -Request

Apart from a few short glimpses here and there, I usually don't do much sexually/erotically/pornographically-themed fiction. Not because I believe it is bad, bad, bad, bad (hey, my favourite TV guilty pleasure is Nip/Tuck, I'm a grown-up individual with mostly Secular Humanist/Unitarian Universalist values), but because sex is not where my writerly interests lie. Normally.

However, after reading the ads for little_bit_foxy, the first annual Doctor Who Kinkathon, I felt kind of tempted and quite experimental. So I signed up. So I wrote.

And now I'm sitting here, with the first draft version of an about 800 words long vignette. Fifth Doctor era, voyeuristic!TARDIS.

I honestly don't know whether the story makes sense; is good, bad, enjoyable, cringeworthy...

Would anyone be kind enough to volunteer as a beta?
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Music videos!

Hey gang! Was wondering if any of you had any Five-era fan made music videos to amuse and titilate? I saw a few back in the community archives but alas the YSI links have expired. So... if anyone could be so kind as to re-upload, I'll sing your praises.

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