June 7th, 2006



Well I only had one Turlough-themed icon, so I decided to make one or two more in a brief revision break. An hour or three later this led to about a dozen Warriors of the Deep Turlough and other icons, plus blanks...

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Icons are fun...

Doctor Who Spinoffs with EVIL Petey and League of Gents boyz being gay and EVIL and yay!

So, ladies.

I present to you... an unoficcial spinoff not yet out on DVD and sold out on VHS, with Liz Shaw (Pertwee's first assistant) and her mate Patricia (played by Louise Jameson AKA Leela), as investigators in the aptly reviewed "British X-Files"--PROBE--the Preternatural Research Bureau.

Part The First:

The Devil of Winterborne.
A ghost is haunting a boys' private school. Peter Davison plays the evil headmaster, and the schoolboys play all sorts of evil games--far more than just football... oh, yes. Far more. Written by the GURU of Hammer Horror-ish British Science Fiction, Mark Gatiss, who also stars as the gardener in this. Another League of Gentlemen bloke, Reece Shearsmith, also stars in this. Do watch it, it's evil and scary and sexy, if you happen to like schoolboy homoeroticism and 70's Who type Gothic horror.

Download here--right click and save as...

The Devil Of Winterborne. It's 346MB.

Highly recommended for any Davison and Who fan, especially if you're a slash fan. Purrrrrrr. IT KICKETH ARSE.

And yeh, let me know what you think of it, ladies and gentlemen:).
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