June 6th, 2006

i'm with stupid

A hello, some icons, and a rather embarrassing plea for attention

Warning: n00b approaches


I am a Doctor Who fan of many years but only a recent member of this online mass of insanity I now affectionately term 'The Fandom'.

Petey is by far my favorite Doctor and well, it just wouldn't do if I didn't join this community, now would it? I recently made my way back through his run, and have since been on a bit of a Five kick, which has of course manifested itself in a smattering of new icons and something else - my reason for reaching out to my fellow Five fans.

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EDIT: Thanks to everyone who responded, I've doubled my efforts and hopefully will turn it out in the next few weeks between classes and work! Also, I seem to have mispelled epiphany! How embarrassing. Darn dyslexia...