June 4th, 2006

[Fan Fiction] Drabble:Translation

Five, Nyssa, and Tegan drabble "fan wanking" a smallish plot hole in "Four to Doomsday". Don't ask me where Adric is- he *should* be grounded to his room for sheer naivete this ep.


"How did you do so?" Nyssa asked her.

"The translation circuits aboard the TARDIS," the Doctor offered in explanation. "How else could Tegan speak an ancient Aborigine dialect?"

"Wrong, Doctor," Tegan took pleasure in telling him. "A friend's grandfather studied your ancient Aborigine dialects. He taught us that one as a game." She smiled at the memory. "We talked about the adults right to their faces."

Nyssa returned her smile. The Doctor fixed Tegan with the look she was coming to despise.

"A childish use of knowledge," he said absently.

Tegan called him a name the TARDIS chose not to translate.
Bear Necessities

Question for whofest

I feel so terribly ignorant. Anyway, I noticed a lot of you are participating in this, so, I thought I'd ask here since I didn't feel comfortable posting there and spamming the community. If I've finished a fic I claimed, where do I post it? I don't see any other fics posted.