June 1st, 2006

BtVS- Giles you wrote that about me

Pimping for a Fic Fest comm

doyle_sb4 has started Whofest! It is a Doctor Who Fic Fest. Basically on the order of a ficathon. Except you can make your requests without having to write fic in return. Everyone gets 3 requests, multi-era. You can request Five fic (Five/Tegs, Five/Turlough, anything ya want!) Get in on this guys! It looks like good stuff!.

This way to gallifrey!

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sorry i did it wrong plz forgive me those pictures apart from one were gratefully done by such users as
uktechgirl and strangefrontier and doyle_sb4 please can you tell me if some of these pictures are yours since you deserve credit.

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Big Finish rec/reviews

Ok! Well, these are really just my favorite Five - Peri - Erimem Big Finish audios. There are a few more but I've either not heard them or have no strong thoughts on them at the moment, such as the Peri 'n' Five adventure Red Dawn which is simply ok. I like a strong sense of the relationships between the Doctor and his companions so stories that go light on that just don't grab me like the "Oh but Doctor! What about Erimem? Maybe she's somewhere being sad!!" ones.

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