May 25th, 2006

Bear Necessities


I've got a whole series of Tegan fics in mind, and I could use a beta who knows the Five era, so I thought I would ask here first. Most of them should be short fics, a la Duty Calls. Anyone interested? I'd like to try to get richer content into my fic and I need a fresh perspective for that. I post primarily on

Fun photos!

Hello everyone,

Made some scans from the nice book Doctor Who: The Eighties. As Davison-era fans, I'm guessing a few of you already own this.

I made some scans of ten of my favorite photos from the book - from candids and conventions and on-set, everything. The majority of them are Davison-era, some are not. Feel free to take and use, although they're on Photobucket, so who knows who long they'll last.

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