April 24th, 2006


Drinking game ahoy

Further to some silly rambling on the topic yesterday, I find myself plotting an evening of Who-induced booziness.

The Fundamental Rule: drink whenever anyone puts their hands in their pockets. (courtesy of spiritedchaos)
The Drink: Sonic Screwdrivers (recipe from the DW cookbook, courtesy of taleya)
The Episodes: I'm starting with Earthshock. Plan to move on to Enlightenment, assuming I haven't lapsed into a coma by then.

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Any suggestions of additional rules most welcome, as are fellow participants. Won't be starting for a bit (still trying to find some mint that isn't in the form of a Polo). Will confine the resulting typo-laden gibberish to my own LJ, to protect the innocent: obviously this is neither big nor clever, but it might be quite funny.

ETA: the Earthshock rundown may be found here.

Fan Fiction: Two Drabbles

Bored. Possibly spamming the comm again. I beg your indulgence. (I almost typed bed; think I've been following uktechhgirl's Drunk Post much too closely) More silliness than you can shake a stick at. Originally posted on my journal.


More silliness of the heels of "Rabbits". Someone mentioned a fic about the sugar rush...heee maybe later. Until then, I drabbled it. I have no shame.

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From a drabble meme on my journal. For a flist member who requested Doctor Who with the prompt witch trials.


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Just be thankful it's not the koala fic...