April 16th, 2006

BtVS- Giles you wrote that about me

Quick Poll - Fave Episodes

Out of curiosity:

1. Your top 5 Davison Era episodes and why.

2. Your favorite companion and why (if you want to).

3. If you had to pair Five with anyone in the Whoniverse, your choice is: (yourself is not vaild. please do not throw hands at me :)
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illya: little more sonic

10 random ginger images

I did a little icon post and snowgrouse requested the caps, so I thought I might as well bung them here in case anyone else wished to play with them too.

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Help yourselves, no credit required.

And before you ask, yes, that is Stricko's wedding ring in the top ones, the ninny. (Either that, or there's a deleted scene from Enlightenment we'd all dearly love to see;)