March 26th, 2006

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... can anyone out there teach me a little about Icon making. You are all having such fun and it's just not fair! I've stopped creating my own as my main problem is the detail, or rather lack of it. I draw so much lovely detail and when I reduce the file size to 100x100, it just looks an unfocused mess. I tried again last night to make a 'Purple Tegan' (nods to astropoet for inspiration) and as you can see... it's very basic and rather crap, the 'Rabbits' looks dreadful! and it kept telling me my file size was too big?.. too big... it's like a few basic lines!!!!
I can't seem to get even half as much detail as you lot and I so much wanted to animate one of my drawings.

....... no icon making heaven for me.
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Hoo Hah

It is done. 76,553 words later, Imitation of Life is done. Stick a Spork in it, that puppy is Done.

I'm planning a sequel but I cannot write it until I've obtained a copy of Planet of Fire. Actually, there are heaps of fics I'd like to write but feel I need to watch evvvvery single Davison Era episode. Really. Over and Over until my brain is full of Fivey-ficness.

And heck, I might rewrite all of Imitation of Life. Polish it up. In the words of Evelyn Waugh, 'If this author had been half so industrious this book would be twice as long."
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