March 19th, 2006

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This group comes highly recommended and now I see why.

To give you a bit of background, I've been a fan of Doctor Who since 1982/1983 when I watched it on the Minneapolis Public Television station KTCA channel 2. The first propper regeneration story I ever saw was "Logopolis"/"Castrovalva". And while I wasn't sure of Peter Davison as the Doctor at first, his vulnerable strength and ageless youth has endeared itself to me. So much so that I blew off my Senior Prom to watch "Four To Doomsday" - this led my mom to refer to him as my Prom Date. Sheesh. LOL.

A while ago, I was visiting a friend in the UK and we ended up watching "The Five Doctors". The new special effects were good, but I'm still drawn to the acting.

Sorry for not being more coherent, but the brain's closing down for the day. More later.
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I downloaded obtained a bunch of the Doctor Who annuals, and naturally homed straight in on the early 80s: I need to do a post with some of the more hilarious of the dodgy drawings, but for now here are the covers.

1982 cover, with brunette Five
1983 cover, with poses
1983 inside cover (I couldn't stop laughing at this one. They've actually made a botch job on the picture for no reason than to cut out Adric. Poor Matthew Waterhouse and his half-visible arm.)
1984 cover, with giant psychadelic head, argh!!
1984 inside cover - I have no idea what Turlough's doing. The Doctor looks pretty pleased, though.

And a bonus:

One of the aforementioned dodgy drawings. Sadly, this is post-Adric and pre-Turlough so I have no idea who the man is. But it made me hurt something laughing, regardless.