March 16th, 2006

Cartoon Tegan

New to This Group

I thought I would post briefly about why I love the Peter Davison era so much and so everyone can (sort of) get to know me. I grew up during the 1980's and my parents (mostly my dad), watched Dr. Who on the local PBS stations. I think the big reason of why I like the Davison era so much is that it was during my grade school years and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. And I hero worshipped Tegan, I pretty much still do (okay, those of you who want to give me funny looks, please do so now, but it's true). I needed to join a forum where I could read stuff from other people and put in my own two cents. I would like to eventually see if I can get some Davison era icons, mostly ones with Tegan, but I like them all(yes, I thought Turlough was cute and Adric, huge crushes on both of them, especially between the ages of 5-8). Thing is, it was probably cute then, now it's just constant non-stop droolage over the guys. And still hero worshipping Tegan, that hasn't changed much over 20+ years.

This disclosure might seem a bit scary to those I know, well the ones who aren't really Dr. Who fans per se. I guess I needed to find a forum where I can pretty much be myself and talk about this stuff. However, in my real life scenarios, I am grateful for my friend Elysa, who had bought me a picture she found of Peter Davison as the Doctor off e-bay as a present, forgot for what. And also for my friend Sandra who found me a couple interesting items (with Tegan in it).
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