January 16th, 2006

Silly little intro...

Uh, hey. My name is Teki, and I'm a sucker for fifth Doctor era stuff, but I'm sure you could guess that.

Anyway, I saw lots of rules on the info page for this community about posting fics, but I have a piece of unfinished fan art that I would really like a critique on, and was wondering if I could post it here. It would be under a cut and is appropriate to the community, of course...
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Oh noez!

Well, here goes. This is a picture I did about a month or so ago, but I got to coloring it and got too frustrated to finish. The main reason I bothered posting it is because I want to learn. I suck at simplifying the features of real people down into a style I'm happy with, and I was hoping I could get some input. Don't be kind, folks. I want honesty and I can take it when someone rips my stuff a part. Any feedback would be really, really appreciated.

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