January 7th, 2006


Baker Fans and Davison Fans

can be like oil and water. I had a rather depressing converation this morning with an acquaintance who is a huge Who fan but is one who tends to be quite the critic and can't stand anything to do with the John Nathan-Turner era (wich of course includes the entire Davison run). He can't see anything good in that run of episodes and if he doesn't, hard to argue with him. It's just how he sees it. But I'll have to remember that if I ever do acuire a boyfriend: if I can't share with him the fannish parts of my mind from which I derive so much enjoyment and creative energy, how could I share much of anything? Though I'm quite rabid lately, I don't think my fandom is everything, but how intimate can you be with someone who thinks things you love are crap? Even if they're as trivial as fandom.

Posted Fic

I have put chapter 16 of Imitation of Life up on my live journal for comments. It's a very tricky chapter for me and if someone has time to give me feedback I'd be most grateful. I do a lot of formatting in it and I am concerned about if it really makes the story easier to read or makes it more difficult. I also have some Doctor characterization concerns.


Beta Reader

Is anyone here interested in being a beta reader for my Imitiation of Life fic? Cos if I don't get someone to talk this stuff over with I will go mad. Mad, I tell you! Or madder. I never did have much of a grip on sanity. :) I've signed up here and there offering to beta and asking for a beta, but no nibbles so far so I thought I'd try here.