January 1st, 2006


The Master (Ainley)

So y'all. It's not like I can rush out and buy all the available dvds and novels and novelisations unless I suddenly win a mega-jackpot (Who boxsets for everyone!), but I've got some material at hand and pretty good memories of seeing the Davison era Whos a couple of times over during the 80s. You may have noticed that the Master from this era is not exactly a good planner. Sure, it's all due to the script (I personally adore Anthony Ainley) but has it ever occurred to anyone else here that he's totally bugnuts crazy? Not just psychopathic but insane. His elevator does not go to the top. The polarity of his neutron flow has been reversed. Maybe it was the strain of possessing Tremas, whatever. What do y'all think?

And totally non-sequitur-ish, when I was up at my parents for Christmas I brought the 'Resurrection of the Daleks' DVD with me to make specific notes. My mom came in when I was watching it and I pointed the Doctor out and she remembered him as Tristan Farnon. Though the only thing she really remembered is that great episode where Tristan has to do the cooking and it turns out all he can make is bangers and mash.