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Public Call Doctor Who Exchange

public_call is back for 2015! All Whovian canons are welcome in this secret santa fic exchange for Doctor Who and its various related fandoms:
sign up to write a story about two or more Whovian characters someone else has requested

receive a story with a relationship you have requested

(Writers are free to write any relationship as a pairing/moresome or as platonic.)

Nominations: 13th - 27th September (nominate up to 15 relationships)
Sign-ups: 1st - 15th October (request 3 to 15 relationships, offer 3 to 20. One each must be New Who and/or Torchwood.)
Deadline: 22nd November
Posting period: starting 1st December

Nominations for relationships are now open.

More info: Detailed Rules and FAQ
Broken Clock


Hanuka (40239 words) by Freya1970
Chapters: 18/?
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Fifth Doctor/Tegan Jovanka, Fifth Doctor/Todd (Doctor Who), Fifth Doctor/Nyssa of Traken, Nyssa of Traken/Vislor Turlough, Tegan Jovanka/Original Female Character, Seventh Doctor/Tegan Jovanka, Peri Brown/Original Male Character, Adric (Doctor Who)/Nyssa of Traken
Characters: Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka, Nyssa of Traken, Todd (Doctor Who), Vislor Turlough, Seventh Doctor, Peri Brown, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Past Relationship(s), Original Character(s), Original Character Death(s), Major Character Undeath, Major Illness, Major Character Injury, Explicit Sexual Content, Drama & Romance

A mystery of a modern dig site escalates into a full blown adventure for the Doctor and his companions, which will reveal the truth behind all of their relationships.

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Ongoing Book Sale

Yep, I still have a number of Who books for sale. I have updated my list to make sure everything is listed and the sold books have been deleted.

Target Novelizations
Virgin New Adventures
Virgin Missing Adventures
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
BBC Past Doctor Adventures
BBC New Series Adventures
Torchwood (a few left)
Miscellaneous paperbacks (includes short trips & decalogs)
Misc. Non-Fiction
Big Finish audios

Some books have prices but I am willing to negotiate. If a book is not priced, I can check the going rates.

Please PM me with your email if you are interested.
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Doctor Who Book Sale

Still have a large number of books for sale.

Target novelizations
Virgin New Adventures (7th Doctor)
Virgin Missing Adventures (earlier Doctors)
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
BBC Past Doctor Adventures
BBC New Series
plus miscellaneous paperbacks and non-fiction

Also some early Big Finish audios

Either PM me with your email or leave it in the comments. I'm going to be moving and I would love the books to go somewhere they'd be appreciated. The prices are negotiable.

I really don't want to do eBay so please save me the aggro.
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As You Walk on By

Prior to ending up in the predicament they did during the Crimson Horror plague in Yorkshire, the Doctor tells Clara about a certain companion of his and briefly reminiscences about her.

BBC Owns Doctor Who (even te classic bits).
Simple Minds performs As You Walk On By which is featured in the movie: 'The Breakfast Club'.

This is a Fanvid. Don't sue.

Yes, I do ship Five/Tegan.
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Under the Stars

Title: Just in CaseSummary: Just in case you ever wondered what it looked like for these two to sleep together (and even if you didn't)Rating; PGCharacter: Fifth Doctor/TeganDisclaimer: My fanart! MY FANART!Warnings: Extreme Five/Tegan shippy-ness ahead.

Collapse )

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Big Time Who Sale

In anticipation of possible downsizing, I am selling of my collection of Doctor Who books collected over 30 years. It includes:

Target novelizations
Virgin Missing Adventures
Virgin New Adventures
BBC Past Doctor Adventures
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
BBC New Series Adventures
Torchwood novels

If you're interested, please PM me with your email and I will send the list in an Excel spreadsheet.